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F500 Financial Services Company Achieves 43% Higher ROAS with SocialCode SmartContent

November 28, 2017


  • 43%increase in ROAS with optimized vs. non-optimized content
  • +50%cost savings in non-working media investment
  • 4concrete creative learnings to iterate and improve upon for subsequent campaigns


A Fortune 500 financial services company wanted to acquire new customers and increase usage of its payment product.


Using historical data, we developed four content optimizations and implemented a controlled A/B test framework, resulting in four statistically significant insights to inform content creation in the future. All four creative optimizations improved performance, ultimately leading to a net 43% increase in ROAS for the campaign as a whole.

Creative Insights

  • Co-branded partner imagery leads to more efficient usage than callouts of only one brand
  • Adding motion to static content increases both usage and acquisition
  • The richness of Slideshow assets yield better performance than Carousels