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SocialCode Increases ROAS 113X for Bowflex Flagship Product

September 28, 2017


  • 118%increase of their media investment (YOY)
  • 113Xreturn on ad spend for flagship product using DPA
  • 82%higher ROAS on Instagram compared to Facebook when activating Mixed Placement
“All of our team efforts with SocialCode have opened so many doors over the last year. Through strategic testing of DPA and video, we were able to grow revenue substantially and really understand how to develop the path to high conversions. Today, our social media investment and ROAS has grown 10 times thanks to our SocialCode partnership." - Lori Lasky, Senior Media Manager


Bowflex historically has a very strong presence in TV, but was struggling to scale their digital investments on Facebook. They wanted to learn if it was possible to increase their online sales and keep a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS) at a higher level of investment.


SocialCode discovered that Bowflex could scale their success on Facebook substantially by replacing their bottom funnel strategy with a full funnel approach, setting the groundwork for long-term growth. SocialCode worked closely with the customer to understand and align on benchmarks for KPIs throughout the conversion funnel in order to successfully grow digital investment while keeping a healthy ROAS.

SocialCode created a strategy that included building and optimizing DPA catalogues (hitting over 100X ROAS on some of the products) as well as testing and optimizing video branding campaigns to ensure that the full funnel strategy could scale. These strategies set the brand up for a successful and seamless transition into executing seasonal and holiday campaigns.

Products / Tools Used

  • Facebook Pixel
  • SocialCode’s predictive capabilities
  • CRM Analysis
  • Creative Testing (various ad copies)
  • A/B testing (various images and headlines)
  • Partner Categories Audiences
  • Link Ads, Videos Ads and Carousels Ads
  • Placement Optimization between Facebook and Instagram
  • Working to launch Canvas and Collections