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SocialCode Drives Online Sales, Growing Hickies E-Commerce To Six Figure Revenue

September 20, 2017


  • 250%average sustained return on investment
  • 490%lift in online sales
  • 500%additional budget unlocked in 6 months
“Thanks to SocialCode, we managed to identify the core DNA of our customers, successfully scale our advertising spend and maintain high ROI at the same speed. A core component of our growth strategy changed after discovering how much faster and better we can control the future of our company.” - Gaston Frydlewski, HICKIES CEO


HICKIES wanted to expand their reach and sales online to complement offline efforts, as well as explore a channel with higher margins and more control over speed of growth.


SocialCode launched the brand’s first multi-channel digital advertising campaign in the US to drive growth. This included a two-fold strategy based on prospecting and remarketing campaigns to focus on consumers’ purchase decision cycle. Prior to spending any of the advertising budget, SocialCode used the client’s existing CRM data to pinpoint which customer segments to target for maximum ROI, and to properly balance the prospecting and remarketing campaigns. This resulted in the client seeing unprecedented lift in their overall sales though growth on their online channel. The continuous success led them to scale their advertising budgets until they achieved a six figure revenue on a monthly basis within the first six months. The client’s e-commerce revenue now exceeds that of wholesale, and they have expanded their advertising into the UK and Australian markets.

Products / Tools Used

  • Facebook Pixel
  • SocialCode’s Predictive Capabilities
  • Website Custom Audience (WCA)
  • Facebook Lookalike Audiences
  • Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Link Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Video Link Ads
  • CRM
  • Creative Testing (various ad copies)
  • A/B testing (various images and headlines)
  • Video ads, photo ads
  • Interest based targeting