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SocialCode Drives Online Sales, Unlocks 15x Budget for E-Commerce Company Smart Nora

September 20, 2017


  • 15xunlocked budget in four months due to stellar performance
  • 7xincrease in revenue in only four months
“As a startup, working with SocialCode's Growth Solutions Team has taken a lot of weight off of our shoulders so we can focus on building a well-rounded company. I certainly do recommend SocialCode to anyone who is looking for an immediate solution." - Behzad Hariri, Co-Founder


Smart device company Smart Nora sought to use Facebook as a direct response channel to scale online sales.


SocialCode discovered that a direct response campaign was an effective and profitable way to generate sales and scale the business. SocialCode used predictive capabilities based on the client’s previous campaign performances, along with a full CRM onboarding, to optimize a balance between prospecting and remarketing efforts. This strategy allowed for maximized conversions and significant return on ad spend. SocialCode also A/B tested creative assets and included educational video content from the client’s Kickstarter campaign to achieve the best click-through rates.

Products / Tools Used

  • Facebook Pixel
  • SocialCode’s predictive capabilities
  • CRM
  • Creative Testing (various ad copies)
  • A/B testing (various images and headlines)
  • Video ads, photo ads