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Political Advertising On Digital: 15 Must-Know Stats

Online political ad spend in the U.S. is estimated to nearly quadruple this year compared to 2014. Here are 15 stats outlining how politicians are investing in digital channels to harness votes.

  1. Political ad spending will reach a record high of $11.4 billion, 20% more than was spent in 2012 (Wired).
  2. Political advertising on digital is expected to be 7x larger this year than the last presidential election (Digiday).
  3. Campaign digital ad spend will see a nearly 5000% increase from 2008 (Wired).
  4. 42% of millennials used their smartphones to research politics in June 2016 (eMarketer).
  5. Half of online political ad spending in 2016 is expected to go toward social channels. (The Guardian).
  6. One-third of millennials likely to vote in America next year use Snapchat (Politico).
  7. Nearly 74% of millennial Democrats who said they were very likely to participate in their state’s primary or caucus had learned about the election via social platforms, compared with 50% of their Republican counterparts (Pew).
  8. Nearly 24% of the likely voters who used digital video to learn about political candidates were in the 18- to 24-year-old age cohort (eMarketer).
  9. 42% of Millennials research a politician or political issue on mobile (eMarketer).
  10. 340,000 additional votes were casted in the midterm election because of the Facebook “I Voted” button (The Atlantic).
  11. Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC reserved $136 million in ads, $96 million on TV, and $35 million on digital (CNN).
  12. Pro-Trump PACs and advocacy groups on TV and radio reserved $21 million (Ad Age).
  13. 50% of presidential campaign ads are served in desktop video format (eMarketer).
  14. 31% of registered voters read political articles and links shared by their friends on social media (IAB).
  15. 67% of Hispanics and 60% of black voters visit political sites on a mobile device, compared to 49% of voters overall (IAB).

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  • Aaku Tamrakar, Marketing Intern