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3 Facebook Ad Units to Test This Year


In 2016, Facebook introduced dozens of ad offerings to help brands acquire new leads, drive online sales and build awareness. Here are some of the units that top brands are rushing to test this year:

1. Canvas Ads

Facebook’s Canvas ad offering is a fast-loading, full-screen mobile ad experience that allows brands to tell their story and showcase their products in a captivating, visual format. Canvas allows brands to recreate a fully immersive mobile app experience at a fraction of the cost.


People who click on a Canvas ad in their mobile news feed will see a vertical image take over their screen with a header at the top and a CTA button at the bottom. In addition to its seamless, fast-loading (10x faster than standard mobile websites) experience, Canvas offers marketers a wide range of sophisticated creative capabilities including:

• The ability to add a carousel of images to showcase your products and services, ideal for a retail or CPG brand
• An auto-playing video, ideal for entertainment brands teasing movie or TV show previews
Panoramic images that reveal different angles when viewers tilt their phones and zoom in, ideal for travel companies looking to inspire people to visit a new destination or book their stay at a gorgeous hotel

Recommended use cases: Driving brand awareness and engagement

Success Story: A SocialCode Fortune 500 CPG client utilized Canvas in a recent awareness campaign that achieved significant lifts in three key brand metrics:

+30pts lift in ad recall

+7pts lift in purchase intent

+3pts lift in brand awareness

2. Offer Claim Ads

Marketers looking to drive consumers to their stores or boost their e-commerce sales should test Facebook’s new Offer Claims ad unit.


The ad is easily accessible on mobile, making it seamless for customers to claim both online and in-store. People who click on your ad to redeem an offer get notified when the deal is about to expire, motivating consumers to use it before they lose it.

Recommended use cases: Driving people to your online or brick-and-mortar stores

Success story: A SocialCode Fortune 500 CPG client wanted to drive e-commerce sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016. SocialCode a/b tested Facebook’s offer claims ads against Facebook’s link ads. In comparison to Facebook link ads, at equal spend and targeting, offer ads drove:

40% higher ROAS

28% lower cost per purchase

160% higher conversion rate

3. Lead Ads

Facebook’s lead ads allow brands to capture leads within Facebook’s native platform.


Lead ads make the registration process easy by auto-populating contact information that people have given Facebook, like email addresses. Contact info can also be repurposed to create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to further fuel Facebook marketing campaigns.

In addition to the ad unit’s simplicity, lead ads also offer creative flexibility; they can appear as a video, a photo, or a carousel of photos and videos in a user’s news feed. Marketers can use a variety of CTAs including “Get Quote,” “Learn More,” and “Sign up” to drive people to the unit’s native lead ad form.  

Recommended use cases: Lead generation

Success Story: A SocialCode auto client saw enormous success using Facebook’s lead ads during the highly competitive 2016 holiday season. In only four weeks, the campaign generated:

~8000 new leads

67% more efficient cost per lead, compared to brand’s benchmark

40+ leads mapped back to actual car sales


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  • Diana Gonimah , Content Strategy Associate

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