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Big Brands Invest Larger Share Of Budget In Facebook, Instagram Video In 2016

“We see a world where video is first, with video at the heart of all of our apps and services,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive.

Hype around video advertising is white hot. Just how big is it and how are brands adopting it? We analyzed Facebook and Instagram campaigns among more than 100 Fortune 500 brands and found that marketers are investing a greater share of their budgets in video formats.

Video represented 40% of SocialCode’s Facebook and Instagram total spend in the first half of 2016, up from 28% in the first half of 2015 — while overall investment in these platforms continues to climb significantly on a per-client basis.

Based on performance of our brand partners, Facebook and Instagram video are proving to be powerful channels to deliver scale and precise targeting against a range of objectives. That’s why it’s often worth the investment for marketers to create Facebook-first video optimized for autoplay without sound.

Big Brands Adopt Facebook Dynamic Ads

In addition to video, Advertisers also are adopting Dynamic Ads and for good reason. During the Black Friday holiday shopping week of 2015, we saw a 133% increase versus the same week in 2015 for direct-response retargeting campaigns, boosted by the success of Dynamic Ads. We also saw a 92% year-over-year increase in Return on Ad Spend (RoAS); at the same time, we saw our major Fortune 100 retailers invest a majority of their direct-response/retargeting spend in 2015 to Dynamic Ads.

We expect the benefits of Dynamic Ads to extend to Facebook’s other properties like Instagram, where we already are seeing boosts from unified campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. One of our clients saw 50% of Dynamic Ads clicks come from people who were re-targeted in a prospecting campaign, demonstrating how we can use Facebook’s suite of tools to make performance at the bottom of the funnel even more efficient.

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  • Max Kalehoff, CMO