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Highlights From Our Annual All-Hands Summit, Connect 2016

Last month, 260 SocialCoders from across the country gathered in New Orleans for our fourth annual all-hands summit, Connect. The theme for this year’s event was Impact.

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Connect is designed to drive internal alignment, build trust and inspire our team through shared experience.

As our company experienced 54 percent growth since last year’s offsite, the goal was to invite people to experience how each individual impacts the business.

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Together we explored how we are innovating our expertise, technologies and partnerships to maximize our impact.

To communicate how SocialCode’s various teams propel our company and the entire ad tech space forward, we hosted workshops and presentations featuring our customers, platform partners, business leaders and team members.

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To enable SocialCoders to build connections with people outside the teams they regularly interact with, tables were set with color coded place cards, each corresponding to a specific department and arranged such that members of one team (i.e. Sales) would sit next to members of a different team (i.e. Product and Engineering).

We hosted workshops to cultivate new ideas, create opportunities for discovery and share knowledge across teams. Leaders also shared the latest product developments, client success stories and how we are setting ourselves up for success in the future.

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Discussing the future of marketing and media and how to enable our clients to better understand and connect with their consumers.

But our annual event is about more than just learning. It’s about giving SocialCoders an opportunity to put faces to names, share passions and connect with one another.  It’s about enabling 260 SocialCoders from six different offices to meet one another and realize the impact that we make individually and in collaboration.

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Famous for jazz, cocktails and dazzling carnivals, New Orleans  is a bizarre and beautiful melange of architectures, languages and heritages, making it the ultimate host city for our 2016 Connect program.

Experience Connect 2016 through our Facebook Album.

Connect is one of the many ways we invest in our people and our culture. If SocialCode sounds like the place for you, checkout our Careers page.

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  • Ashley La Fond, Marketing Operations Manager

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