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How to Efficiently Produce Creative That Shines

Creative Bet Practices Data Driven Creative Woman Smart Phone Photo

As your target audience’s attention becomes fragmented and distributed among numerous digital channels, creative production becomes more important and more challenging than ever before. Your creative production shouldn’t be a stab in the dark. Through a combination of creative best practices, data-driven creative insights and innovative creative partnerships, brands can rest assured that their creative assets will shine.

Be Yourself

Your target customer probably checks more than one platform on more than one channel every day. While every platform has its unique advertising style, formats and requirements, it’s important for your brand to have one voice. Wouldn’t you be confused if the brand you saw on Instagram saying “Sup New York. What’s cookin?” tried to reach you with a video featuring a luxury-themed dining experience on TV? That lack of consistency can lead to a disjointed user experience, when your cross-channel campaigns should actually be building on one another. Make social, digital, and traditional media work together.

Creative Best Practices Data Driven Creative Woman Smart Phone Photo

Keep It Fresh

Imagine seeing the same ad over and over again in your Instagram timeline. Wouldn’t you start to get irritated? The data supports this claim. To avoid creative fatigue and negative sentiment from your audience, implement creative refreshes, especially if your goal is to reach members of your target audience more than 1-2x per week. Of course, your ads should be consistent with your brand and your overall narrative–they could even build upon the ads you previously served. This concept is called sequential messaging and allows you to have a longitudinal relationship with your audience by serving ads that tell a chronological story.

Creative Best Practices Data Driven Creative Woman Smart Phone Photo

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Traditional creative production models break the bank, but innovative creative partners can deliver on speed, cost, strategy and production capabilities. SocialCode partners like Tongal scale content creation by using a flexible Hollywood studio approach to crowdsource the best ideas and the top talent globally. If you’re looking for content in a rush, Flashstock can tap into its massive network of content creators and deliver unique and on-brand creative in a matter of weeks. There are even partners that are creating technology to predict performance. Olapic not only delivers authentic, rights-cleared UGC content, they also use a predictive recommendation engine to surface the expected conversion power of your photos and videos. The SocialCode Partner program has seen the following results when cutting edge creative and technology companies are tapped into:


tongal logo creative best practices

A leading athletic shoes and apparel brand wanted to prove that nuances in user behavior on Facebook called for platform-specific creative. Tongal’s content resulted in:

5.1x views to completion over baseline

20% boost in Facebook Ad Recall

35% decreased CPM for the best performing unit


flashstock creative best practices

A top beverage company wanted to increase brand awareness with engaging creative that enforced the brand message of a balanced, active lifestyle. Flashstock’s creative:

matched the brand’s ad recall benchmark and was produced at a fraction of the cost

olapic creative best practices

A leading furniture and housewares brand partnered with SocialCode and Olapic to drive online sales using user generated content. Olapic creative resulted in:

2.6x CTR vs. brand creative

7x ROAS vs. brand creative

3x CVR vs. brand creative

Learn More

Click here to download the full data-driven creative guide and learn how to effectively use data to cut down your content production costs and efficiently utilize your non-working media dollars to drive better outcomes.

Creative Best Practices Data Driven Creative Woman Smart Phone Photo

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  • Diana Gonimah, Senior Content Strategist

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