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Best Practices for Effective Digital Video Advertising

Video Best Practices Phone Advertising

Last year, time spent consuming content on mobile overtook time spent watching TV, and digital and social advertising spend surpassed television. Beyond reach and engagement, consumers are now more willing than ever to take action from video ads, something that was never measurable in the age of TV-only ads. Check out our digital video best practices below to drive the most success with your video advertisements: 

Prepare for the Worst

While Snapchat recommends excluding subtitles, as sound is a critical part
 of storytelling on the platform, don’t assume this is the case on all channels. Text overlays at the beginning of
your video can provide important information and context to viewers, which SocialCode has seen lead to 30% more efficient cost per video completion on Facebook. In these situations, including subtitles ensures that your video makes an impact regardless of whether a viewer has the sound on or off.

digital video best practices laugh learn woman phone social

Laugh and Learn

SocialCode analyzed nearly 250 video ads from 22 brands on Facebook and found that informational videos and humorous videos drive a 70% higher video completion rate at a cost 60% more efficient than emotional video ads.

Product Forward

Your product should be the focal point of your video. On average, only 26% 
of viewers watch past the first three seconds upon encountering a video ad in their social feeds, so the sooner you can include branding and packaging, the more effective the video will be at driving awareness and recall. But be sure your branding is tied to a product, as viewers are more likely to skip if a logo appears independently.

digital video best practices mobile first

Mobile First

Make sure your video ad is mobile-optimized, as mobile accounts for 90% of ads delivered on social.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Identify the top-performing videos to strategically scale spend for the remainder of your campaign. SocialCode found that campaigns that pre-test content are 20-25% more efficient.

Cut down on production costs and repurpose your video across platforms. By creating your video ad in a 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio, you can own the entire mobile screen on Instagram and on Facebook’s mobile news feed.

Test for the Best

The aforementioned recommendations may vary depending on your audience and objective. To determine what video iteration your audience responds to, a/b test different assets at a low level of spend against a small subset of your audience on each platform.

What’s Next?

Click here to download the full video guide which will equip you with an understanding of the unique video capabilities on leading digital advertising platforms and provide you with a playbook on how to execute across these channels for the greatest business impact.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Senior Content Strategist

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