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Digital Video Advertising for Entertainment Brands

Entertainment Brands Digital Video Advertising Watch

In 2017 entertainment brands have a deeper understanding of their distribution platforms than ever before. They are taking cues from their creative teams and making ads that break through in a skippable world.

On platforms, entertainment brands are utilizing multiple placements and products to tell engaging stories. Entertainment brands are moving away from a simple trailer that tells a story to an ad or experience that allows the user to be a part of the story– be it a sticker, lens, filter or live video.

The tough question is how any one brand or service differentiates itself and breaks through in this congested ecosystem. The uniform headline answer is to produce and distribute originals and other exclusively available content. Content, content and then more content. As proof, U.S. television featured over 450 original scripted series in 2016. Trends show that streaming services are fueling TV’s growth, more than doubling their output (46 to 93 scripted series) from last year alone.

With the growth of this content we foresee that personalization will become a central focal point in an increasingly crowded space. Specifically, our “TV” experiences will shift from one-to-many (broadcast) to one-to-one, and as such, niche targeting will continue to remain front and center for advertisers and platforms alike.

The entertainment industry continues to use data in order to more efficiently target and find an audience that is receptive to their original content stories, something that is still all-too-rare in the ranks of traditional media.

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In three years, digital video spend will grow to $28 billion, up from $10 billion in 2016, as a greater share of brands’ creative budgets move toward video. But with over 100 video units to choose from across the top six platforms, it’s only getting harder to navigate the video landscape.

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  • Soam Lall, Director of Platform Solutions