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F500 CPG Brand Gains New Program Members 9x More Efficiently With Cross-Platform Retargeting

Learn how SocialCode increased registrations and drove a 12-point lift in recall for a CPG client by launching a full-funnel campaign across Facebook and Instagram.


A fortune 500 CPG company wanted to increase awareness for and participation in a custom animal-care program managed by a portfolio brand.


SocialCode is the brand’s dedicated social partner and was tapped to fulfill the goal with a full-funnel campaign using the combined powers of Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Building awareness on Instagram: With all the buzz around paid Instagram campaigns, our teams decided to first activate an educational component on Instagram only against segments like competitor buyers in late 2015. SocialCode unlocked a $200,000 budget to drive mass reach and hit the minimum spend limit for a Nielsen Brand Effect study.
  1. Motivating action on Instagram and Facebook: This top-purchase-funnel campaign then evolved into a direct-response campaign, asking people on both Instagram and Facebook to become program members. SocialCode maximized impact by retargeting those people who visited the brand’s website after seeing an Instagram awareness ad. Our team also retargeted people who visited the brand’s website independently, and people similar to those who have registered in the past (lookalikes) to add scale.

Results And Insights

Driving quantifiable recall: According to Nielsen Brand Effect results, audiences exposed to Instagram ads drove a 12-point lift in ad recall, compared to a holdout segment unexposed to campaign creative.

Unlocking new audiences: The Instagram activation yielded 81 percent incremental reach. This means the dual activation reached nearly twice as many people compared to Facebook alone.

Driving lift with cross-platform retargeting: People retargeted on Facebook and Instagram converted at a rate 4x higher than the brand’s average on Facebook.

Driving higher volume more efficiently: Compared to a Facebook-only direct response campaign that SocialCode managed for the brand in late 2015 with the same initiative and similar spend/flight, retargeting across both Facebook and Instagram drove 3x more registrations.

Next Steps

Due to the success of this campaign — the brand’s first Instagram activation — the client is spending 8x more on Instagram this year than they did in 2015, with a learning agenda built to answer additional questions about when platform investments are most valuable.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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