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F500 Healthcare Brand Expands CRM With Paramount Efficiency Using Facebook Lead Gen Ads


A healthcare subsidiary of a fortune 500 CPG brand selling medication and skin-care products wanted to grow its customer database with qualified consumers.


The brand partners with SocialCode to manage brand equity and offline sales campaigns across social platforms for dozens of brands in its portfolio. When tasked with this specific goal, SocialCode recommended driving coupon downloads using Facebook’s lead gen product, after seeing repeated success from other brands in the SocialCode portfolio.

  1. Testing different direct-response units: SocialCode tested Facebook’s lead gen unit against photo and video link ads. Our team moved 75 percent of budget to lead ads, after surfacing the unit drove the highest volume of registrations at the lowest cost after five days of campaign flight.
  1. Optimizing towards the most efficient audiences: While SocialCode initially targeted dozens of segments, our team eventually scaled budget against the most efficient audience; current customers and people similar to historical converters (lookalikes).
  1. Cycling different creatives into testing: SocialCode monitored daily performance of the different creative categories tested in the campaign, squeezing out efficiencies by pushing spend to the top performing creative bucket.
  1. Add scale and maximize performance with Instagram: SocialCode strategized that a dual activation on Facebook and Instagram, featuring consistent creative themes across both platforms, would add scale and efficiency.

Results and Insights

Driving higher volume at lower cost: Facebook lead ads significantly outperformed link ads, driving 28x more registrations at a cost 14x more efficient than link ads and 3x more efficient than the brand’s cost-per-lead goal.

Proving Instagram’s value: The dual Facebook and Instagram activation drove the campaign cost-per-link click down 78 percent and increased offsite click volume 140 percent.

Next Steps

As a result of this campaign’s effectiveness, the brand’s parent company is testing Instagram and lead gen ads with other brands in its portfolio. This campaign also proved to this portfolio brand that it could drive direct-response efficiencies on social, leading to 50 percent more investment in Facebook lead-gen campaigns in 2016.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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