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F500 Telco Brand Maximizes Consideration For Low-Awareness Product With Dual Facebook & Instagram Activation


A F500 telecommunications company wanted to increase brand awareness and consideration for a high-speed Internet product in its portfolio.


Since the product was brand new to market, it had virtually no awareness. The brand partnered with SocialCode to build quality awareness through a placement optimization campaign (one that runs between Facebook and Instagram simultaneously). Our team deployed the following strategies to maximize success when activating during the competitive 2015 holiday season.

  1. Unlock new audiences on Instagram: The brand’s target audience is all people 21+ in the U.S. within several dozen geographic regions. Reaching these people on Facebook alone during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertising bonanza would have grown media-serving costs significantly, when compared to less competitive times of year. To increase available inventory and therefore decrease cost, SocialCode optimized between Facebook and Instagram.
  1. Maximize younger audience reach with heavy Instagram spend: Our team ramped daily Instagram spend while throttling Facebook down. The heavier Instagram spend allowed our team to maximize penetration against the millennial subsegment of the broad audience.
  1. Cross-platform creative optimization: SocialCode served two lighthearted promotional videos highlighting the product’s competitive advantages to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. One video drove more earned media and completion rates on Facebook while the other performed better on Instagram. This insight guided our manual cross-platform budget allocation.
  1. Avoiding competition with mobile investments: During Thanksgiving week when CPMs surged far past always-on benchmarks, SocialCode allocated 97 percent of our daily spend to mobile, where reach costs were far more stable.
  1. Achieving significant measurement with Nielsen Brand Effect: The campaign spent more than $260,000 over a one-month flight to ensure we could test effectiveness through Nielsen’s flagship brand-lift study instead of relying solely on CPM and engagement metrics.

Results And Insights

Nielsen Brand Effect results indicate that the campaign drove a 6-point lift in consideration.

Cost per video view on both platforms was 1.5x more efficient than Facebook’s telco benchmarks — a factor of quality creative, relevant targeting and earned media.

The Instagram activation achieved excellent results against younger audiences, while also yielding 12 percent incremental reach.

Next steps

Since the campaign saw the largest Brand Effect lift from millennials and the 45+ segment, the brand is allocating additional budget to continue nurturing these audiences with direct-response messaging to achieve acquisition goals.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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