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How SocialCode Scaled Spend by 84% for a Leading Technology Company

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A leading technology company worked with SocialCode to scale spend by 84% while maintaining efficient cost per lead.


A technology company selling high-consideration products and services wanted to drive new leads from users on Facebook.

In 2016, they sought to elevate performance further by identifying who was driving success down the funnel in order to scale their lead generation campaigns and drive ROI efficiently.


The technology company had seen success driving leads from Facebook but wanted to scale spend significantly without sacrificing efficiency. This presented an opportunity to gain deeper insight into the attributes of key lower-funnel segments.


The company used SocialCode Intelligence, an audience profiling technology that fuses data from CRM, web and digital media platforms, to understand the characteristics of its historical purchasers and high-value customers. By looking at the dominant characteristics in lower funnel audiences, SocialCode could analyze and test for traits most likely to make users convert.

Cross-channel tracking and measurement was used across all Facebook Ad campaigns to ensure accurate representations of Facebook value. The tech company managed their data through each stage of the sales process, and made that granular data available to SocialCode as blinded, hashed lists.

Using the Intelligence software, SocialCode profiled two important customer audience segments:

Products/Tools Used



increase of scale

SocialCode’s technology paired with the client’s first party data predicted high performing demographic segments that, when targeted in new Facebook Ad campaigns, unlocked scale and improved the quality of leads. Using these insights, the technology company scaled spend by 84% in Nov-Dec 2016 compared to the same period the year prior, while maintaining efficient cost per lead and tracking against cost per appointment and cost per purchase.

Through cross-channel tracking and measurement, as well as a holistic audience view, SocialCode successfully developed audience insights that led to new leads at scale and a segmentation approach that will inform campaigns into 2017.

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  • Randolph Manderstam, Platform Success Lead

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