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Insights Brief: 15 Stats Marketers Must Know About Moms

Moms are the CEO of the household, accounting for 80 percent of U.S. household buying. Yet this evolving segment, increasingly comprised of millennials, is among the most misunderstood. Here are 15 stats on moms that every marketer must know in our latest Insights Brief:

  1. 42% of U.S. millennial mothers believe that advertising is not geared towards them (Weber Shandwick).
  2. U.S. millennial mothers make up an audience of 9 million (Weber Shandwick).
  3. Mothers account for 80% of U.S. household buying (eMarketer).
  4. On average, U.S. moms will spend over $13,000 on a child annually (IAB).
  5. 51% of U.S. mothers access the internet primarily from their cellphones (Edison).
  6. U.S. Moms spend an average of 8.3 hours online everyday (IAB).
  7. 40% of U.S. moms use Pinterest (Pew Research).
  8. 74% of U.S. moms use Facebook (Edison).
  9. U.S. Moms spend 33% more time watching video on Facebook compared to women without children (FBIQ).
  10. Moms have 40% more friends on Facebook than other women their age without children (FBIQ).
  11. 93% of U.S. moms access Instagram weekly and 68% use Instagram daily. (Adweek)
  12. 78% of U.S. moms say they take action after seeing a brand’s posts on Instagram. (Adweek)
  13. 1 in 4 U.S. millennial moms will do more than half of their shopping online (IAB).
  14. 81% of U.S. millennial moms shop with their phones whether to price shop, find coupons, or order online. (IAB)
  15. 93% of U.S. millennial mothers are likely to share their clothing purchases on social media (Weber Shandwick).

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  • Daniel Keidar, Marketing Intern