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Which Marketing Partner Will Transform Your Brand?

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We live in a digital world defined by personalization. People now demand experiences that speak to their unique culture, tastes and values. This transformation makes quality consumer intelligence mandatory to deliver more relevant marketing and build better products. The only way for brands to succeed in this age is by using all of their data to learn about customers faster and respond in a smarter, more personalized way than ever before.

The challenge is that as marketing campaigns and other channels create more data, brands struggle with access and control of that critical information. This could be because different teams do not share learnings and best practices, because brands don’t have the correct systems in place or because marketing and technology partners do not return all of the data they’re managing. These challenges highlight why 60 percent of large brand CMOs intend to move their data-management platforms (DMP) in-house within the next two years, according to a recent survey of 80 consumer brand CMOs, led by the CMO Club and SocialCode.

Marketing is just one area of data collection for a brand, but it is becoming an increasingly important one.  All organizations now have a real-time stream of data coming in from marketing campaigns. For example, if you’re a retailer you can learn, which products have the highest demand with your most loyal customers for your fall collection? If you’re a consumer technology company, which messaging is best for launching your latest product?

Picking marketing partners carefully is critical so you have the data to serve customers better and make better products.

 What should brand leaders do today to take control of their data and drive impact?

The solution is working with data-driven marketing partners across every channel — ones that foster agility, innovation and business strategy. How do you identify such a partner? The following characteristics are mandatory:

Upholding these principles at SocialCode has empowered clients like Visa, Capital One, Nestle, Macy’s and AB-InBev to become smarter, more responsive organizations that create more value and connect more deeply with their consumers.

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  • Laura O’Shaughnessy, CEO