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Q1 2015 Twitter Advertising Developments: Opportunities To Consider Right Now

This is an excerpt from our Twitter Q1 2015 Advertising Developments Intelligence Brief. Download the full report to get the latest Twitter research and find out what the latest ad developments may mean for marketers going forward.


What Happened: Twitter acquired Periscope, an app that enables people (and marketers) to live stream video content. Viewers can express positive sentiment by tapping their screen to launch virtual hearts. Public videos with more positive engagement will be more visible.

The Opportunity: Periscope enables people to capture and share things happening around them. When a restaurant exploded in New York City in late March, citizens armed with the Periscope app covered the event live. This is the kind of content million of people are eager to consume, and at the time of this writing, a Twitter login is required to do so. So to start, we have a new potential catalyst to drive new users.

On top of motivating more people to use the platform, it is a new platform for brands to engage with core audiences with video content. For example, GE broadcasted a live conversation between Sally Le Page, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. Spotify similarly gave a behind-the-scenes look at the band The Villagers rehearsing. Marketers who identify a playbook of best practices and build an audience on the platform have the opportunity to build brand affinity — especially if the platform is able to provide more robust metrics and performance measurement.

This also shows Twitter diversifying its video portfolio. Much like other leading ID-based platforms that are building a family of applications that each provide unique value, Twitter is building another channel through which people and marketers can publish and report on real-time, bite-sized pieces of information.


Partner Audiences

What Happened: Twitter partnered with data providers including Acxiom and Datalogix to provide marketers with more than 1,000 audiences based on their offline behavior. The audiences can be selected through the Twitter advertising UI in a new section of campaign creation tool called “behaviors.”

The Opportunity: People create purchase intent signals when they’re not using Twitter. Now marketers can use more of those signals to serve more relevant messaging to to the right people, at more relevant times. For example, auto marketers can now target people in-market for a certain type of car based on when their lease ends and the car make in question. CPG marketers can target people who buy beverages at a certain volume, and segment very specifically – for example, differentiating between those who buy ground coffee versus Keurig K-Cups. There are partner audiences for numerous consumer verticals.


Serve Tweets Outside Of Twitter

What Happened: Twitter is offering marketers ways to syndicate their Tweets with others publishers. The first formal syndication partners are social aggregation app Flipboard and Yahoo! JAPAN.

The Opportunity: According to the platform’s advertising blog, 185 billion Tweet impressions were served outside of Twitter in Q3 2014. These new partnerships will enable marketers to take advantage of that added reach, extending the same creative and audience targeting they deploy natively to an ecosystem much larger than Twitter’s 288 million monthly active users.

While the additional sites on which marketers can serve their Twitter ads are limited, the opportunity will grow as the platform builds out an ad network — currently under the working name “Twitter Publisher Network” — with many applications in which marketers can serve ads and measure performance.

“Let’s say Nissan is running a Promoted Tweet campaign on Twitter, but is also trying to reach a similar audience on a mobile application like Flipboard. Nissan could run a Promoted Tweet campaign on Twitter, with specific creative and targeting, and simultaneously run the campaign … with the same targeting and creative in the Flipboard app.”

– Ameet Ranadive, Senior Director, Product, Twitter

Download the full Twitter Q1 2015 Advertising Developments report

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  • Ben Weiss, Marketing Content Strategist

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