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Why Your Brand Should Use Pinterest for Seasonal Advertising

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Digital advertising platforms have sparked a revolution in the way brands reach and engage with their consumers. Gone are the days of one size fits all. Now brands can reach their niche audience where they actually spend time – digital platforms – with truly engaging content that their audience finds valuable. But capturing your audience’s attention at the right time is also an important factor.

That’s why capitalizing on peak search moments, such as seasonal events and holidays, provides such a massive opportunity for brands. Pinterest lends itself to these types of campaigns incredibly well. Individuals come to Pinterest to plan everything from weddings and holiday events to date nights and awards show parties. Pinterest users are 2x more likely to actually celebrate events, with the platform allowing these planners to go from inspiration to action. While Pinterest is a platform that has discovery at its core, 93% of people use Pinterest to plan purchases.

Pinterest Seasonal Advertising

Plan Appropriately

Pinterest users are unique. They begin planning the perfect Valentine’s Day in early January, before they’ve even finalized their New Year’s resolutions. In fact, seventy-five percent of seasonal Pins are saved 1-2 months in advance. Pinners are planners, and your business should capitalize on this. While audiences on other digital platforms might be interested in last minute Valentine’s Day gift deals, brands can gain an advantage by advertising on Pinterest leading up to seasonal events before moving to other channels, minimizing seasonal competition.

Conversely, think about what timing makes sense for your brand and your product promotions. A leading beauty brand achieved a 4.76% engagement rate, significantly higher than benchmark, after the Golden Globes aired. Seasonal events can also provide Pinners with the inspiration they are searching for, whether that be the latest beauty trend from their favorite red carpet star, or dance moves to get in shape after a Lady Gaga halftime performance.

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Target the Right Audience

While Pinners in general are much more likely to celebrate seasonal events and plan for them far in advance, it’s still valuable to hone in on the target audience that cares about your brand. Pinterest allows you to target your niche customer base through demographic targeting as well as keyword and interest targeting, so the more you know about your audience the better.

Take Valentine’s Day 2017. Ninety-five percent of Pin creates and saves were done by women, so a strategy targeting only men with Valentine’s presents for their spouse would likely be unsuccessful. Top searches during the 2017 Valentine’s Day season included: “Valentine’s Day gifts for him”, “Valentine’s ideas for boyfriend”, “Valentine’s nails” and “Valentine’s ideas for kids”. By understanding what individuals are searching for during peak search events, you can more accurately and efficiently target them.

Beyond general keyword and interest targeting, Pinterest provides targeting options that can allow you to expand your reach, gain new customers and drive down costs. Actalike audiences mimic the actions of your most valuable customers, and engagement audiences target individuals that have interacted with Pins that lead to your site in the past.

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Create Content that Resonates

Pinterest creative best practices still apply during peak search moments. The top Pins during the 2017 Valentine’s Day season were in line with Pinterest recommendations, such as providing great detail with overlaid text or showing step by step processes to execute on an idea. In addition to being actionable, your Pins should be visually striking, helpful and relevant to your audience. For example, interests most often associated with “Valentine’s Day” include “Ideas”, “DIY’s”, “Gifts”, “Cute Ideas” and “Crafts”. Knowing that Pinners are heading to Pinterest for inspiration on gifts and do-it-yourself crafts can heavily influence the type of copy you write or creative you produce for these seasonal events.

Keep in mind that brands can activate during seasonal events without having to produce completely new creative. If your product-focused creative lends itself well to seasonal events, simply weave a seasonal story into your copy, or add a simple overlay to your creative to capitalize on these peak search moments.

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In Action

Beauty brands are especially well positioned to take advantage of seasonal search moments on Pinterest. In fact, 40% of Pinners name Pinterest as the most important source for hair and beauty inspiration. In Q4 2016, holiday inspired tutorials for both makeup and nails spiked, with top beauty searches including Halloween makeup and nails, Fall makeup and nails, and Christmas makeup and nails.

One of SocialCode’s top beauty clients regularly activates during seasonal events and capitalized on Valentine’s Day 2016 to drive awareness of nail polish products with Valentine-specific creative, featuring step-by step images of holiday nail styles. Highest engagement was reached with “Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas” keyword targeting and top performing keywords not only included generic keywords like nails and ideas, but also seasonal keywords like vday, romantic, date and red. The campaign drove a $0.21 cost per engagement, significantly outperforming the benchmark.

“With 70% of Pinterest’s user base being female, and beauty being one of Pinterest’s top three categories, beauty brands have a huge opportunity on the platform,” says SocialCode Partner Manager Paige Rowin. “Further, because of the nature of the platform and its role in users’ planning, search and discovery process, SocialCode has been able to maximize campaign performance by aligning initiatives with peak search moments. Combining strategic timing with relevant targeting and tailored creative, we’ve seen success leading up to and during events when women are commonly looking for beauty inspiration, including Valentine’s Day, prom, Fourth of July, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.”

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  • Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager

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