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SocialCode Drives 13-Point Lift In Brand Recall For F500 Beauty Brand During The VMAs


A beauty brand owned by a Fortune 500 CPG company wanted to maximize awareness and affinity with young consumers.


Part of the brand’s strategy was to gain premium visibility in front of the millions of Gen Zs talking about the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Twitter. The brand’s marketing team partnered with SocialCode to maximize share of voice.

1. Promoting authentic messages: VMA viewership is skewed towards younger audiences, leading our team to promote video cards in which teenagers advocated for the brand.

2. Beating the competition: Tens of millions of people (many of them in the Generation Z cohort) would be tweeting during the event. Knowing costs would grow during the event (CPMs are 3x more expensive during the VMAs) when conversation volume was highest, SocialCode started promoting the event ten days prior to the VMAs, when consumers were expressing excitement but competition was more stable. Their creative used a branded hashtag that stayed consistent through all of their VMA-affiliated messaging.

3. Using paid media during spontaneous moments of excitement: The Twitter conversation throttled upwards during key moments; for example, when Kanye West announced he would run for president in 2020. SocialCode monitored spikes of engagement closely during the event and served timely, pre-approved Promoted Tweets.

4. Influencer content: The campaign took advantage of Twitter’s partnership with Niche – a network that connects brands with influencers. SocialCode’s team put more budget behind the influencer posts generating the highest engagement.


Nielsen Brand Effect results show that compared to a control group that was not served ads, people who engaged with the brand’s content demonstrated the following when polled after the awards:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 6.02.07 PM

10-percent increase in positive brand mentions on Twitter

2x increase in total impressions driven through earned media from viral sharing


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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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