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SocialCode Increases Positive Brand Sentiment 194% For Fashion Brand During First Periscope Activation


A high-end Fortune 500 fashion brand wanted to build brand equity and engage with consumers in an authentic way.


The brand wanted to bring its fashion line to life by engaging people with behind-the-scenes content instead of polished, high-gloss video ads. In order to do so, the brand partnered with SocialCode to give people access to such content through its first Periscope campaign.

  1. Driving people to a live broadcast: SocialCode and the brand’s marketing team launched several tweets driving people to the Periscope app, where they viewed footage from the brand’s most recent photoshoot.
  2. Igniting conversation about the brand: Each tweet throughout the 7-day activation featured one consistent hashtag, allowing SocialCode to retarget people who interacted with this hashtag during this campaign and nurture their interest.
  3. Applying creative best practices: SocialCode applied insights from earlier Twitter campaigns — which indicated that video tweets outperform text-only tweets for retail brands — to this campaign. SocialCode added video previews to boost engagement and motivate people to watch the live stream on Periscope.
  4. Tailoring our targeting to specific content: SocialCode targeted different people depending on the content of each live stream. For example, our team targeted the handles of famous fashion magazines when the live stream featured a well-known model, while targeting people interested in YouTube stars when the live stream featured a YouTube influencer.


Speaking to quality, this campaign achieved a view rate 10 percent above Twitter’s retail industry benchmarks, at a CPV (cost per view) 80 percent more efficient. This campaign’s ability to drive mass awareness at low cost allowed the brand to build a Periscope learning agenda that will unlock additional budgets for the remainder of 2016.

  1. Building brand equity: The Twitter conversation around the week the campaign was activated revealed 194 percent more positive sentiment during this activation compared to the rest of the month.
  2. Driving incremental revenue: While the campaign’s objective was awareness, the Periscope activation drove people to purchase clothes from the brand’s website as well, as indicated by nearly $2,000 in incremental revenue.
  3. Surfacing audience insights: Throughout this campaign, SocialCode monitored the performance of different audience buckets, shifting dollars toward the most efficient handles, keywords and interests. After SocialCode identified the best-performing audience segments, the brand has decided to continue targeting these high-value people to drive sustained learnings across different Twitter initiatives.
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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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