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SocialCode Makes A Big Splash During CPG Product Launch, Increases Ad Recall 180%


One of SocialCode’s Fortune 500 CPG clients wanted to drive awareness and build brand equity for a low-awareness brand in its portfolio.


  1. Initial launch – early 2015: SocialCode activated an awareness campaign on Facebook in early 2015, targeting a custom segment of people who buy heavily in the category from other portfolio brands and competitors. Initially, the brand and SocialCode agreed to deploy light frequency (1.5x/week for six weeks) instead of a mass-awareness blitz.

Post-campaign measurement showed the lift in awareness, recall and association was smaller than expected, which was attributed to a competitor’s dominant market share in the category.

  1. Reactivation – late 2015: The brand activated $1 million in incremental budget to test a different strategy against the same audience in late 2015:

Making a bigger splash: SocialCode split the audience into one segment that saw ads 1-2x per week during the month-long flight, while the rest was exposed to the same ads 3x a week. Our team hypothesized that to build stronger ties with the new brand in a noisy category, doubling frequency would boost recall.

Maintaining creative consistency: All content was visually and thematically consistent for both audience segments, so the only variable impacting performance was the increase in frequency.


Nielsen Brand Effect results prove serving more ads in a more concentrated time period increased awareness and recall.

The reactivation increased campaign frequency 100 percent in half the flight time.

Compared to a control group that saw no ads, the audience reached at higher frequency drove a:

reach and frequency

Next steps

The client is scaling Facebook ad spend 36 percent between 2015 and 2016 after seeing great success building its portfolio brands, driving offline sales and growing market share.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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