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SocialCode Proves Facebook Far More Effective Than Display For Reaching Large Technology Brand’s Prospects


A large technology company selling high-consideration products wanted to increase brand awareness among qualified people in specific U.S. regions.


The brand’s marketing team wanted to test whether traditional display ads or Facebook News Feed ads were more effective for reaching the target audience. To execute the test, the brand worked with offline data-provider Datalogix to build a privacy-safe targeting list of people who invest significantly in residential technology (i.e. home security, lighting control).

The audience was split in half randomly, with half exposed to display ads and the other half to Facebook ads. SocialCode partnered with the brand to execute the Facebook portion of the campaign.

1. Cycling different creatives into testing: The brand’s marketing team created and tagged various video assets for this campaign, each with a different tone: some light-hearted and humorous, and others product-focused and informative.

2. Optimizing toward the highest-performing content: By testing various video types, SocialCode was able to not only drive performance efficiency, but also extract insights to inform the brand’s overall creative strategy. For example, SocialCode saw that the humorous content resonated with Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, while Millennials were more likely to complete the informative videos.

3. Generating incremental leads: SocialCode monitored performance in real time, investing more budget in audiences who not only viewed videos efficiently but also went on to click offsite and request more information.


SocialCode’s awareness campaign on Facebook significantly outperformed display, reaching 42 percent more people in the brand’s target audience than the brand’s display ad campaign. In addition, the campaign drove 1,000 incremental leads from people who watched the video on Facebook and clicked offsite after.

Next Steps

This campaign informed the brand’s overall digital strategy for 2016. After SocialCode proved Facebook was more impactful in reaching the target audience, the brand’s marketing team reallocated half a million dollars of display budget to Facebook campaigns.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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