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SocialCode Scales Buzz During Entertainment Product Launch With Facebook Audience Network


One of SocialCode’s Fortune 500 telecommunications clients wanted to drive awareness and build brand equity for a new video entertainment app that launched in late 2015.


The brand needed to execute a massive awareness play to educate people on the app’s value in a digital video landscape dominated by players like Netflix and YouTube. With much historical success driving business outcomes on Facebook, the brand partnered with SocialCode to run an $800,000 awareness campaign during the product launch. A secondary goal for the campaign was to maximize downloads.

  1. Unlocking incremental audiences: Our team added scale and efficiency to this campaign by testing Facebook’s Audience Network, reaching people outside Facebook’s walls with the same targeting and measurement.
  2. Marketing to core audiences in real-time: SocialCode ran numerous real-time activations on Facebook parallel to NFL games, NBA games, concerts and TV-show premiers. The content educated people about the related live content they could stream on the app and motivated them to download.
  3. Building a core audience: Since this is a new application with no existing users, SocialCode was tasked with finding positive responders within a broad 18+ audience in the United States. SocialCode continued to get smarter with personalization as the campaign continued, scaling content aimed at high-school students to the Gen Z demographic and sports-themed live streams to people expressing deep sporting interest.


Adding mobile scale and efficiency: Extending reach to Facebook’s Audience Network drove 2x more efficient clicks and greater volume to the Google Play and App Stores, compared to the scale driven through mobile News Feed alone.

People who saw the ad through Audience Network clicked through to app stores at a rate 2.2x higher and at a cost 1.6x more efficient than people who saw the ad on their mobile News Feed.

Pushing budget to high-performing creatives: SocialCode identified the top three ads of several dozen options. Through creative testing, our team unpacked exactly what elements (colorful, eye-catching creative paired with a strong call-to-action) drove lift to inform its display campaigns.

Optimizing towards the most efficient audiences: People who recently purchased a new mobile device converted at a rate 2x higher than people targeted based on their interests in other streaming apps. This insight will drive strategy in future mobile app install campaign managed by SocialCode.

Next Steps

As a result of this activation, the client is scaling spend on Facebook Audience Network and mobile News Feed placements. The client is also spending incremental dollars to test Facebook Audience Network with its other lines of business.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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