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Leading Travel Brand Scales Hotel Searches With 70% More Efficiency Using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads


A leading travel brand wanted to maximize hotel searches during the spring, when people start planning their summer vacations.


The brand wanted to retarget people with ads on Facebook based on the specific cities they’re trying to visit. SocialCode decided that Facebook’s dynamic ads solution, which allow marketers to use Facebook’s identity data to serve the most qualified people with the most relevant creative, across all devices, would drive the best results.

  1. Dynamic audience targeting: We unlocked $20,000 to launch the brand’s first test with dynamic ads, which were used to retarget people on Facebook who visited individual product pages on the brand’s website. For example, people visiting the brand’s website to search for hotels in Miami would be served an ad on Facebook for hotels in Miami.
  2. Product-heavy creative: The brand’s marketing team wanted to retarget people visiting 200 hotel destinations on their website with dynamic ads. People who visited the page for hotels in tropical locations were dynamically retargeted with an ad featuring scenic views from a tropical hotel.
  3. Surging spend at key intervals: We monitored hourly performance, identifying days and hours of the week where people were more likely to search for and book their hotels. Our team drove efficiencies by deploying a dayparting strategy and increasing spend during opportune moments.
  4. Finding the right balance: While mobile was the most efficient placement, nearly 40 percent of mobile impressions led people to search for hotels on desktop. We pulsed spend between mobile and desktop to squeeze out efficiencies and drive conversions across devices.
  5. Surfacing top-performing creative: At low spend, we tested each image against five different copy iterations to determine what messaging motivated people to click. Our team in turn scaled spend on ads with concise, simple wording, as they drove 2x more hotel searches than ads deploying longer, more promotional copy.


The campaign drove thousands of hotel search queries at a cost 3x more efficient than the campaign cost-per-search-query goal.

Unlocking incremental value: While the objective was to drive people to search for hotels, this activation brought in nearly 150,000 incremental searches for flights and car rental packages.  

Next Steps

As a results of this campaign’s success, we has unlocked spend on Facebook to execute a number of dynamic ads tests ahead of the summer. For example, we plan to expand into dynamically retargeting people searching for flights and car rentals on the brand’s website.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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