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SocialCode Sessions: What You Should Know About the Future of Digital Video

SocialCode Sessions Digital Advertising Video Los Angeles

SocialCode Sessions brought together over 70 of the brightest digital advertising minds in Los Angeles, to hear from an impressive lineup of speakers representing the leading digital advertising platforms and measurement partners. Speakers included:

This quarter’s event revolved around “The Convergence of Video.” Panelists gathered to share insights on creative trends and the evolution of video across platforms. Here’s what our speakers had to say about the future of video on social.

SocialCode Sessions LA Video

Changing the Nature of Television

While linear television will never go away, the medium continues to become an increasingly less reliable audience delivery tool, and brands need and want digital advertising channels to be a part of the solution. Television does a great job of scaling and reaching a massive audience. But the challenge of tying television ads to business goals has yet to be solved. Additionally, ad-free environments are now driving over half of the paid TV ecosystem. Digital advertising platforms can deliver with a level of precision that other channels cannot, and can also be tied to attribution and business outcomes, causing a shift of ad dollars in that direction. As Peter Kuhn, Director of Sales at Moat stated, twenty years ago “there was one place you could buy addressable video audiences and that was television. Zoom up twenty years to today and there are thousands of places that you can buy video.”

But digital is also changing the very nature of television itself. While cordcutters continue to grow, audiences head to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to consume long form video content. By marrying the primary screen and companion screen, viewers have both the content and the conversation in one central location. Other platforms, like Snapchat, are creating a new model for content while also partnering with television networks to drive ratings. These channels are “right-sizing” entertainment content for the particular consumption environment. Instead of plopping a full episode into a mobile and social format, brands can now create abridged version while still expressing the entire story, in a nature more reminiscent of behavior on mobile.

Data-Informed Creative

Now more than ever, brands should be tapping into data signals and audience insights to create  smart content that resonates. Traditionally, television advertisements were created with a small amount of audience information, extrapolated to the entire US population, and resulting in one ad that aims to reach everyone. This model no longer works. Digital marketing platforms know a massive amount about audiences, and are striving to make this information available to brands in a privacy safe way.

Words like Generation Z or Generation X are commonplace when referring to audiences. But over the last year we’ve seen how individuals within the same generation can be drastically different, and we need to find a way to connect with individuals on a deeper level. Post-campaign insights have always been central to brand strategy. But marketers should be using data and insights before starting a campaign to understand who these individuals are, what they care about, and aspects of their lives outside of your brand’s product, to create more robust and powerful ads. Ultimately, brands and platforms that address consumer behavior and capture audience attention will win.  Looping data and insights into the creative process pre-activation only leads to better business results and more authentic customer relationships.

What’s Next?

If you couldn’t make it to SocialCode Sessions in Los Angeles, check out our video recap below:

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  • Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager

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