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SocialCode’s Real-Time Diligence Amplifies Results For F500 Beverage Brand’s Core Audience


A Fortune 500 beverage brand knew its core audience in the U.S. over indexed against soccer interests. The brand’s marketing team therefore wanted to maximize brand affinity by positioning its products as soccer-lovers’ beverage of choice.


Knowing soccer enthusiasts in the U.S. flock to Twitter to discuss matches, players and culture, SocialCode managed a campaign that attached branding to highlight clips and tune-in photos during key matches.

1. Attaching the brand to premium content: Through the Twitter Amplify platform, SocialCode attached six-second pre-roll ads to game highlights that positioned the brand’s products as fuel for soccer celebrations.

2. Cycle in new audiences weekly: To maintain results week over week, SocialCode identified the coaches, players and hashtags most relevant to the clip being promoted. This helped ensure the content promoted was most engaging to those receiving it. Our team scaled budget behind audiences engaging at higher rates while throttling down spend against less-engaged segments.

3. TV targeting for added scale: SocialCode added more qualified reach with TV targeting, a tool that allows marketers to target people who mentioned an event (in this case, a specific soccer match) 24 hours before and after gameplay.


The Amplify campaign generated 4x more engagement than the beverage brand’s historical benchmarks, which represent hundreds of campaigns representing millions in Twitter ad spend.

  • A major performance driver was SocialCode’s diligence in monitoring the games, enabling key clips to be distributed on Twitter in near real time.

Next Steps

The success SocialCode unlocked with this campaign led the brand to increase its investment in soccer sponsorships and in-game presence during the 2016 season.

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  • Diana Gonimah, Content Strategy Associate

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