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In The Trenches With Ad Operations Analyst Leslie Johnson

Leslie Johnson, one of our longest-tenured employees, started as an Ad Operations Analyst in the D.C. office in 2011, and transitioned to join the Consumer Insights team in New York in 2015. As he celebrates his five-year anniversary with the company, Leslie reflects on some of his fondest memories throughout the years and describes the exciting challenges he tackles in his day-to-day.

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Current home: New York, New York

Education: B.S. Financial Mathematics at University of Michigan

Time At SocialCode: Five Years

Surprising fact about you: I’ve met a number of celebrities in passing, including Muhammad Ali, Justin Bieber, Ice T, and Shaquille O’Neal

The greatest musician of all time: Michael Jackson

In your free time, we will find you: Traveling and exploring new and unfamiliar places

Favorite SocialCode office snack: Famous Amos Cookies

What do you do at SocialCode and how does it impact the business?

Leslie Johnson (LJ): An Ad Operations Analyst provides key ad campaign metrics to help partner managers with client reporting. We also introduce new software to help the ad management team with campaign execution.

What can you do at SocialCode that you can’t elsewhere?

LJ: Since I’ve joined SocialCode, I’ve had the opportunity to experience new cities, work from two of our largest offices and collaborate on a daily basis with coworkers across the country.

When I first joined the Consumer Insights team, we had the opportunity to test a variety of visualization softwares such as Chartio to help partner managers enhance their client reports. Employees are encouraged to use trial-and-error to tackle and solve new problems.

“Employees are encouraged to use trial-and-error to tackle and solve new problems.”

At SocialCode, everyone is pushing to raise the bar and elevate our products, insights, and strategy.

How have you grown with SocialCode?

LJ: Advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are constantly innovating. I’ve had the privilege to grow with these platforms and gain a deeper understanding of the digital marketing industry as it continues to evolve. When I started at SocialCode, there were only about 15-20 ‘Coders between our only two offices at the time. Now we’re nearing the 300-employee mark and have six offices across the country. As one of the first employees on the company’s payroll, I’ve had the opportunity to witness remarkable growth first-hand.

What are some of your fondest memories at the company?

LJ: When I worked at the D.C. office, our team used to take CVS breaks every afternoon to pick up snacks and coffee. It was a fun way to bond and goof-off with what was then a small but mighty team.

Being a huge sports fanatic, some of my fondest memories involve watching a heated game of baseball or basketball with my colleagues. I attended my first Capitals game after winning Graham Holdings Chairman Don Graham’s tickets in a giveaway. When I visited the San Francisco office, I went to a Golden State Warriors game with a few other West Coast team members.

What’s the most exciting challenge you solved at SocialCode?

LJ: When the Ad Operations analysts joined the Consumer Insights team, part of our training required learning the Python programming language. With no prior background, it was challenging to learn a completely new language. But with the help of SocialCode’s engineering team, I was able to embrace the learning curve. This level of cross-departmental collaboration allowed me to pick up the language and be able to synthesize and deliver custom metrics for client reporting.

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