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In The Trenches With Partner Manager Owen Gray

NYC-based Partner Manager Owen Gray describes his personal and professional development over the past year and a half, crediting his growth to the stellar group of ‘Coders he works with every day.

Hometown: Darien, CT

Current home:  Hoboken, NJ

Education: William & Mary, Art & Art History, Class of 2015

Time At SocialCode: 1 year, 5 months

Surprising fact about you:  I studied abroad in Germany for a semester in college, and am fluent in the language.

Favorite sports team of all time: Detroit Red Wings

In your free time, we will find you: I love dancing my heart out.

Favorite SocialCode office snack: Chobani yogurt, strawberry banana is my all-time favorite.

What does a Partner Manager do at SocialCode and how does it impact the business?

A partner manager is responsible for the daily execution and management of ad campaigns. My main role is to recommend design and test strategies on social to help our clients meet their business objectives efficiently. I also serve as a liaison between the client and the ad management team. The partner manager facilitates the wishes of the clients, complementary to the ad manager’s day-to-day ad executions.

What can you do here that you can’t elsewhere?

I truly enjoy working with such a talented and diverse group of people at SocialCode. I work with three of my best friends, one of whom sits right behind me. Everyone is incredibly bright, and there is always witty banter that keeps my morale up. I’m surrounded by people who drive my intellectual curiosity, take pride in their work, and like to have a great time.

How have you grown as a professional at SocialCode?

SocialCode empowered me with the problem solving skills I needed to run successful campaigns. At SocialCode, there is a huge emphasis on understanding process. With a rigid outline to process, it’s a lot easier to detect pain points. Understanding the step-by-step process that drives the basic functionalities to run a successful ad campaign has helped me solve problems for my clients in a faster, more efficient way.

What’s the most exciting challenge you solved at SocialCode?

We conducted an analysis for a CPG client to determine the highest performing type of video in 2015. Our team used various analytic metrics such as video-view-through and video-completion-rates to identify the top performing video. Additionally, we attributed each video with either a humorous, emotional, or artistic tag and conducted a bulk analysis. We determined that humorous videos drove the highest engagement and lowest drop-off rates. The CPG client used this insight for creative performance and planning this year.

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