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In The Trenches With Senior Partner Manager Libby Welke

Libby Welke, a Senior Partner Manager in SocialCode’s Chicago office, describes how knowledge-sharing, tight collaboration and a “can do” work culture have accelerated her professional development over the past seven months.

Hometown: Westport, CT

Current home: Chicago, IL

Education: BS in Business Administration, Wake Forest University

Time At SocialCode: Seven months

Surprising fact about you: I sang in my high school and college acapella groups. I was also featured in an ad for Lifetime.

In your free time, we will find you: Working out on ClassPass

Favorite SocialCode office snack: dark chocolate

What do you do at SocialCode and how does it impact the business?

I am the senior partner manager on two of our biggest Chicago accounts. My job is to keep our clients happy by servicing their businesses in the best, smartest ways possible, so they can be successful on social. My main responsibilities include developing strategic recommendations, executing social media buys and providing insights to improve and optimize future initiatives. This requires constant communication with ad managers, platforms, agencies and clients to tackle myriad requests on a daily basis.

What can you do at SocialCode that you can’t elsewhere?

The accessibility of information and knowledge at SocialCode is empowering. Our work culture is fueled by a “can do” attitude, which motivates creative problem solving that leads to fresh ideas and informed solutions. This culture of information sharing and encouragement is extremely valuable for the Chicago team, since we have fewer departmental representatives than SocialCode’s other offices. Despite the fact that 75 percent of my account teams sits in New York, we are able to operate seamlessly due to the various resources at our disposal. A few of my favorites include: Slack, weekly resource-sharing emails, and our digital advertising newsletter, The Daily Code. Together these tools foster a hybrid value exchange that facilitates continuous education opportunities for our employees and our clients.

How have you grown as a professional at SocialCode?

Prior to joining SocialCode, I worked at three large network advertising agencies in New York and Chicago on large CPG and beauty brands. While I was confident counseling my clients on brand positioning, integrated channel planning, and content strategy, I knew there was an opportunity to be more engrained in digital paid media, since brands are constantly looking for ways to natively integrate their message in online channels to create mass impact and awareness.

Over the past 7 months at SocialCode, I have learned how to translate a brand objective into a viable social media strategy and plan with clearly defined goals. My experience working on two F500 accounts has provided a solid foundation in both direct response and branding and awareness campaigns, offering a well-rounded outlook on the social space.

I can’t help but smile every time I’m on an agency call and hear myself answering the questions I once pondered for myself. That is when I realize personal professional growth at SocialCode.

What’s the most exciting challenge you solved at SocialCode?

I devised a bidding strategy for one of our large financial services client’s Facebook campaigns to offset competition in the auction, winning the praise of both my ad manager and Facebook representative.

What’s the most exciting thing you learned at SocialCode?

The most important thing we can offer our clients is results, so they can walk away from a campaign with a clear understanding of what worked, what didn’t and what can be done differently next time.

SocialCode has a distinct advantage over other companies to unlock these answers due to our high standing with the platforms and our proprietary technology. We have unlimited access to campaign data at our immediate disposal and dedicated platform reps to service any issues, collaborate with and educate us on new products and betas.

I came to SocialCode with a similar curiosity possessed by many clients.  Over the past seven months, I have developed a deeper understanding of social media advertising, platform mechanics, and data analytics. It’s been exciting to dive into the data and uncover insights that inspire changes and demonstrate our company’s value.

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