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A Model For Understanding Advertising Waste And Guiding Your Investments

June 23, 2015

Why Eliminating Waste Is The Fastest Path To Increasing Advertising ROI

With so many factors contributing to advertising waste, how do you ensure you’re making the most of your investments?

This intelligence brief provides a road map for identifying the sources and impact of your advertising waste, and a model you can use to calculate the ROI gains you could gain by eliminating or reducing it.


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Key Questions Answered

  1. What factors contribute to advertising waste?
  2. What sources of advertising waste can be measured and corrected?
  3. Can advertising waste be compared across different media?
  4. How do you calculate the the effective cost of a media investment?
  5. How does reducing wasted impressions improve ROI more than other aspects of planning?
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  • Max Kalehoff, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ted McConnell, Digital Marketing Consultant