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Digital Advertising Insights: A Treasure Chest For CMOs To Open

December 3, 2015

Closing The Digital Divide

Digital advertising campaigns aren’t just an opportunity to build brands and acquire customers; they’re an opportunity to answer business questions, capture consumer insights and drive smarter decision making.

The CMO Club and SocialCode surveyed 80 chief marketing officers (CMOs) to find out how they’re using digital advertising to understand their consumers and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. This report includes the results of our survey and examines the challenges and benefits of adopting a digital first advertising approach.


  • Digital excellence is fast becoming a priority — 77% of CMOs will use digital campaigns to better understand their customers within the next year.
  • To extract more value from their data, CMOs are taking control over it — 60% plan to bring data management platforms in-house within the next two years.


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Key Questions Answered

  1. How can digital be used to identify new customer segments?
  2. How do digital ads enable marketers to develop more relevant marketing content?
  3. Why should digital be used to test creative before deploying it on channels like TV?
  4. What has digital taught brands like TD Ameritrade, Clorox, Belkin International, 3M and Patron?
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  • The CMO Club, in partnership with SocialCode