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Why Brand Marketers Are Moving TV Dollars To Digital

May 12, 2015

The Dollars Are Finally Starting To Shift

While marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter enable quality engagement with people where they spend their time, the larger opportunity for marketers is to act on audience segmentations and gain insights. This Intelligence Brief explains the opportunity for brand marketers to achieve awareness and affinity, and provides a roadmap for success based on real-time learning and rapid iteration.


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Key Questions Answered

  1. Why does television consume so much brand marketing budget, even today?
  2. Why didn’t the first era of digital advertising deliver for brand marketers who prioritize awareness and affinity?
  3. What is it about ID-based advertising (pioneered by Facebook and Twitter) that is motivating marketers to migrate budget from TV to digital?
  4. What are best practices for maximizing awareness, affinity and offline sales through campaigns on ID-based platforms?
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  • Ben Weiss, Content Marketing Strategist
  • Max Kalehoff, Chief Marketing Officer