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Platform Updates: What You Need to Know

The leading social platforms change faster than most of us can keep up. That’s why SocialCode is here to help you stay in the know. Check out all of the latest platform developments, and what they mean for your brand.

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Facebook will be changing the News Feed so that users begin seeing more posts from friends and family

Facebook says it will still show content from media and brand pages, but it will prioritize the types of posts that prompt conversations among friends. It is important to note that this change will affect organic posts only and will not affect the delivery of paid media.

Facebook has been seeing fewer everyday users creating posts for friends and family, while brands and publishers increased usage. It wants to reduce “passive content” on the platform so that users spend their time more wisely. Over the past several months, Facebook has conducted research and worked with outside academics to examine the effects that it has on people. The algorithm change is intended to prompt more meaningful interactions and leave people feeling more fulfilled and positive after visiting the platform.

Facebook expects that time spent on the platform may decrease, but they also expect this change to “slow the scroll”. A shift in this type of user behavior could actually be beneficial to advertisers, as users will be more engaged with the content and less likely to mindlessly scroll past your advertisements.

Two billion conversations occur on Messenger with businesses every month

Facebook announced that its 1.3+ billion users generate over two billion conversations with businesses using Messenger every single month, and there are now 200,000+ Messenger bots active on the chat platform. This stat shows that Messenger is an ideal way to connect with customers in a way that resonates with them.

Facebook Messenger logged 17 billion video chats in 2017

Facebook is proving the reach and widening scope of Messenger with its latest stat: 17 billion video calls were logged on the chat app this year, which doubled last year’s figure. The increase in usage suggests that Messenger is monopolizing more of users’ time and may be an effective placement to reach your target audience.

Facebook Messenger introduced New AR effects

Facebook announced a new suite of augmented reality tools for Messenger, called “World Effects,” which lets users add 3D objects into photos and videos. The company hopes this will continue to make Messenger as multifaceted as possible and increase stickiness of a rapidly growing feature on the platform.

Platform Updates, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SocialCode


Twitter launched a new feature to connect a series of tweets

Twitter has launched a new feature that allows users to post a series of connected tweets. “Threads” enables users to connect tweets when they exhaust the character count of a single tweet to share longer content. Twitter recently adopted a 280 character limit after seeing that users tweeted more easily and more often than they did with a shorter character limit.

Twitter has started to expose video views publicly

Videos shared on Twitter will now show a tally of viewers, and the platform is using the Media Rating Council’s standards for viewability — one view equals two seconds of play time with at least 50 percent of the video in view. View counts could create stickiness on the platform by subtly encouraging people to share more video to the service if they feel their content is being widely seen.

Platform Updates, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SocialCode


YouTube TV expands to 34 new markets

YouTube TV will now be available in New Orleans, Green Bay, Tucson, Tulsa, San Diego, San Antonio and many more markets, totaling 84 different metro areas where the service is accessible. YouTube is positioning itself as the video destination for cord cutters with an offering that allows users to stream content from the major cable networks and opens up significant advertising inventory.

Google has added new targeting functionality to AdWords

Google is incorporating a new suite of consumer targeting features to AdWords, giving marketers the ability to utilize phone numbers and postal addresses to reach individuals, a major upgrade from its previous broad targeting capabilities. This should result in a higher audience match rate, especially for marketers that do not have email addresses for their entire customer file.


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  • Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager

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